Monday, October 27, 2008

A Sophisticated Sip

It's time to toss those souvenir plastic cups and enter the world of adulthood. Why not class up your kitchen...or at least impress your friends with having real glasses. I am absolutely obsessed with the Marta line of barware from CB2. I was thrilled when I moved into my little pied-a-terre, and I was in charge of stocking the kitchen. Finally, they were mine to be had!

These whisper thin glasses (which hold a shocking amount of beverage) remind me of the yellow tinted tumblers I always see at Barney's for a whopping $28 each. God forbid someone has a few too many vodka sodas and accidentally smashes one....not that it ever happens at my parties....errrr. It's a good thing the Marta glasses are under $3 each. Go for the 18oz cooler. Trust me, your hand looks chicer just holding the thing!

Marta Barware from CB2

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