Sunday, December 21, 2008

Faux Fur Hoodie---Great Find

I am the first in line to poo-poo Old Navy, but I have had a few great finds there over the past 6 months. The key is to get something that a)could never be determined as having come from Old Navy, b)are so shockingly low in price you would be crazy not to pick it up, which leads to c) you can walk around town all day looking fabulous and knowing you look like you paid a million bucks for it.

And here we are at my latest find---the faux fur hoodie. I have been on the hunt for this article ever since a friend of mine pulled one out two winters ago...but with real fur (super cunty that an animal had to die to line the inside of work-out apparel).

When at Old Navy the key is to forego the 'I am obviously from Old Navy' green, pink, and navy options, and opt for the luxe cream color. When I went to the store they were on sale for $20. The sweater itself is super soft and surprisingly thick. I have not seen how well it washes yet, but for $20 I probably should have just gotten two.

Check it out

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