Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Mighty Mane---Best Cheap Haircut in New York

I have said it before, and I will say it again. I am absolutely shameless about promoting things and finds I love...especially if they are my friends.

Getting my hair cut at Garren New York is one of the biggest indulgences in my life, and I would rather eat peanut butter sandwiches then give up this habit. Lucky for me one of my best friends, Jordan Sparkes, is my stylist, and he is truly a hidden gem in NYC.

A great haircut will make or break your look, be the perfect "accessory" you never have to remove, and make you look nothing but gorge. An uninspired cut from Jean Louis David or wherever looks just that. Take my word, I went from bland bob to Cleopatra-style bangs one chilly November afternoon, and it has changed everything.

Jordan has worked with countless celebrities (Madge, Gwyneth, Posh), models (way too many to name), fashionistas, us mere plebeians. With these kind of notches in the belt--and having learned from the master, Garren himself--Jordan is poised to take one look at that mop and morph it into something absolutely fabulous.

Garren New York
Jordan Sparkes
Hair cut: $100
Blow dry: $60

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