Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Little Gold Goes a Long Way

I have a new obsession with everything gold. Forget platinum or basic black; gold adds a perfect little sparkle and luxury to anything in your home or on yourself.

Take for instance, one of my little home improvement projects when I moved into my modern day tenement almost a year ago. Now, I am talking a little touch of Versaille, not Caesars Palace or anything in the style of Trump. Of course, step number one in any interior designer's arsenal of low-cost room revamping is to paint (which I did a lovely Benjamin Moore Marina Gray). Step number two is to rework existing pieces. I had six cheap matted frames in basic black from Bed Bath & Beyond that screamed for a little sparkle. A $10 can of antique gold spray paint and a few sheets of newspaper later, and voila!--my bland to grand transformation was complete.

Give the images a little click for the up close and personal...sorry for the awful resolution (ancient camera that has since been upgraded).

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