Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Favs: Heather Futterman

Heather Futterman is truly a budding style maven. She once told me that during her formative years she was so bored by school that she started dressing to "amuse herself". I have never seen such a rattletrap mix of high and low fashion look so effortlessly put together...and so completely fabulous. Heather has lived in NYC her entire life, and now as a recent college graduate, she is bartending and waitressing for the summer. Heather says, "I love my city. Although I miss the old New York at times, I love how the city is constantly changing, and the fast-paced lifestyle that I have become so accustomed to."

LIPSTICK: Chanel in Passion. This shade looks great on all skin tones. SHAMPOO: Joico for color treated hair. MOISTURIZER: I live by Maui Babe After Sun Lotion in the summer. It not only smells like the beach, but it also protects your tan from fading. HAIR PRODUCT: Tonic Water spray from Garren New York. It is the only spray that doesn't leave a greasy feel to my hair. PERFUME: Ralph Lauren Romance. TOOTHPASTE: I am a fan of Colgate or Rembrandt . Honestly don't have a preference as long as it has a very minty aftertaste. NAIL-POLISH COLOR: I love Big Apple Red by OPI, it looks awesome year round. WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR HAIR CUT: Garren New York Salon by the beautiful and talented Jordan Sparkes.

JEANS: I have to admit that I am not a big jeans person. I am a fan of spandex. UNDERWEAR: I love Laina Jane, but Filene's Basement has awesome prices for designer intimate apparel. SNEAKERS: Nike's all the way! WATCH: Grandma's vintage gold watch. T-SHIRT: As overpriced as American Apparel is, there t-shirts are super comfortable and come in every freaking color. DAY DRESS: Multi-colored pastel vintage flowy dress. It reminds me of a layer cake. DAY BAG: Bright yellow leather bag that my sister gave me. EVENING BAG: Any of my cousin's vintage bags. FAVORITE ACCESSORY: A silver cuff in the shape of a feather. FAVORITE DESIGNER: Stella McCartney.

WHERE DO YOU LIVE: Born and raised in Chelsea, Manhattan. I am proud to say that I am a native New Yorker. We are, unfortunately, a rare and dying breed. FAVORITE ART: I love the Renaissance period. All of it. SHEETS: The best part about my bedding is the amazingly soft tan comforter that will instantly put you to sleep. COFFEE-MAKER: I own one, but I am convinced it is just there for a useless decoration. I end up buying coffee every morning. New York deli coffee is underrated. STATIONARY: Not a big stationary person, although I have always wanted personalized stationary. FAV FLOWERS: I love sunflowers. They make everyone smile. However, Barbara has a talent for making impeccable flower arrangements :) FAV GADGET: My Blackberry. Although it is a phone, I consider more of a toy. FAV NEIGHBORHOOD RESTAURANT: Pepe Giallo. Soooo delicious, affordable, and the decor is casual rustic...the best kind. FAV DRINK: Honeysuckle Margarita from Little Branch- anything with tequila in it is fine by me. FAV DESSERT: Molten Cholcoate delicious lava cake.

FAV DISCOVERY: The toaster. WHO INSPIRES YOU: My Grandma Myra and my older sister Jemma. NECESSARY EXTRAVAGANCE: A pair of really expensive designer shoes. The kind that make any outfit. FAVORITE CHARITY: Seeds of Peace. It helps to unite Israeli's and Muslims. FAVORITE MOVIES: The Princess Bride is probably one of my top five favorite movies. FAVORITE VINTAGE STORE: New York Vintage. It is right next to my apartment building and I always gauk at their creative and beautiful window displays, and the fact that I can't afford anything in the store. FAVORITE HOTEL: The Standard. FAVORITE COLORS: Black, red, green, and anything that is bright.


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  2. A "style maven" sorry, but far from . . . more like "typical canned NYC" or "sex in the city rip off" many women in NYC look like this and I am sure all read vogue or such for their fashion tips.
    Yawn!! (no offense Heather)
    for a true style maven!

  3. Wow, what a hater! Vintage with red lips is pretty canned NYC too.

  4. Ok, as this blog's style guru, I'll chime in. I just checked out AllThisHappiness, and Kater's style is very pretty in a very ordinary, suburban kind of way. Granted, I would never in a million years call her a style maven, but she is put together and looks lovely.

    PS - If you are going to rip on someone's style then at least OWN IT. Saying 'no offense' is just lame.


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