Sunday, October 4, 2009

Head to the LES for Pickle Day!

Looking for something to do on this lovely Sunday that is free and involves food? Today is your lucky day! Head to the Lower East Side this afternoon for the 9th annual International Pickle Day. I went last year and ate about 8 pickles (got my pickle fix for the year), felt like I was going to vom, and I have been looking forward to this year's event ever since. Don't think you are going to stick to the cucumber variety at this festival either; they have pickled fruits (the grapes are amazing), pickled fish, and just about anything else that can be brined in a jar. There was even a trio singing songs about pickles! These people are obsessed in a way you can only love. So, thank God (since it is the Lord's Day and all) that we have beautiful weather, and come enjoy the pickle bonanza!

2009 International Pickle Day
Sunday, October 4th
Broome btwn Essex and Ludlow
11:30 - 4pm

PS - On Orchard St. people will be strutting their Pickle Day costumes....can't wait to see this!

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