Sunday, December 6, 2009

50 Gifts Under $50: For Him (#41-50)

The final installment is here! I always find it much more difficult to find presents for guys than girls, and I usually resort to gift certificates or something equally impersonal. Fear not fellow are 10 budget-friendly gifts under $50 for the guys in your life.

Remember the rules:
  • It can cost no more than $50 before sales tax.
  • It must be something fairly luxe and fall into the category of an item that the recipient may wish to have but out of practicality would never spend their own money on.
  • It must be relatively easy to find (either online, national retailers, or adequate substitutes are available).
  • Finally, it has to be something I would love to receive or would personally give to a friend or family member. I would never recommend something I wouldn't pony up for myself.

Buy a pair and TOMS gives a pair to a kid in need.
TOMS Shoes - $44

Snaz up your suit.
White Linen Pocket Square - $42

Have a little fun on cold winter days...and look less like a bank robber.
American Apparel Mustache Mask - $14

Don't be George Costanza with a lump of a wallet. Get sleek and bubble butt free in 2010.
J.Crew Leather Cardholder - $15

A sophisticated way to drink brew.
Speigelau Beer Classics Glasses - $25 for set of two

For your favorite aspiring hipster
Flannel shirt from Uniqulo - $30

The gift that keeps on giving.
Subscription to GQ - $12

Don't lie, you love to sing in the shower. This will help you remember the words to Pokerface.
Wireless Shower Speaker Set - $40

Desperate times call for desperate measures...and at least this won't set off any metal detectors.
Plastic Pocket Flask - $15

NYC centric, but perfect if you are in the city. Coolest shades and plebeian prices.
Soho Sunglasses Lady on Broadway between Prince and Spring - $5-10

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Day 3: Mixed Bag
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