Friday, January 15, 2010

Associations of Hip Needs Your Help Today!

All I am asking is for a few bucks. It's the 15th (one of my two favorite days of the month) so I believe most people got paid today and what better way to do your "good deed for the day" than to donate a few bucks to get this project produced. My great friend back all the way from middle school, Sarah Saunders, is involved, and they only have until midnight tonight to raise the money needed to get the rest of their funding. If they don't get to $4k it's lights out, so they need our help!

Trust me, you will never miss that dollar (or $3, or $5, or $7), but you will make a huge difference here.

About the project:

"Art scenes come and art scenes go. What then remains? New York City and its Burroughs have long been a place for the aspiring to enter and the famous to exploit. Each new art neighborhood shifts according its own the economic status. When one neighborhood’s art scene explodes, so does its real estate. For instance, West Village turns to Soho turns to Williamsburg turns to East Williamsburg turns to Bushwick. When a scene is brought to a neighborhood hype grows, there becomes a pressure, an obligation to be cutting edge; an obligation of hip.

Associations of Hip takes place during a demolition party. This party models itself off a party I attended the summer of 2008 in the Lower East Side where the entire building was being torn down to build condos so the tenants decided to throw a party and make as much noise as they’d like, spray paint the walls, kick holes through partitions and plenty of drugs. Associations is a tribute to the underground art scene and asks the question; are these artists, or are these kids trying to be cool?

Incorporating multi-media and live stream video to explore the power of a camera and the vogue of celebrity. An allure and curiosity we all carry with us. Laura Fitch is a young photographer turned video-blogger who is dealing with the loss of her first great love and left to face the reality of her current job. She’s making money and doing her art, but is that enough? Through avoidance, drugs, liquor, friends, and an underground party, she learns to jump out of her own pain and discover self-expression.

There are many movements towards giving our artists a place to play, let this be another."

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