Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Favs: Richard Haines

I truly owe a random morning of browsing through The Cut to meeting Richard Haines. Fashion designer, illustrator, teacher, and blogger extraordinaire (you must check out What I Saw Today); Richard has his fingers in many pots around the fashion world. After commissioning a portrait for a friend's birthday, I let my inner narcissist loose and sat for two of myself (one pictured and right, and one on the Shitty-Chic FB fan page). After hanging with Richard for an hour I knew he had to be my first featured My Favs male. Enjoy!

LIPS - I buy a little jar of Carmex 2x a year: summer and winter. Then, I love it about two weeks later, my lips dry out, and I repeat the same process next season.
SHAMPOO - I use my daughter's Garnier Fructis stuff that smells like candy--it's kind of gross, but it's always available.
MOISTURIZER - I am adamant about Kiehl's Nourishing, Soothing Skin Cream for Men
HAIR PRODUCT- All kinds of stuff I buy when the person who cuts my hair uses it. But, when I use it it never looks the same.
SCENT - Nothing. I don't use fragrance or deodorant...
TOOTHPASTE - Duh, Crest.
WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR HAIR CUT? I go to Erica Bennett at Damian West Salon. She's as lovely as she is talented (cuts men & women).

JEANS - Uniqlo super skinny 000. People ask me if I'm wearing super expensive jeans, and they're like $39!
UNDERWARE - American Apparel color stuff and H&M makes a fierce pair of boxer briefs.
SNEAKERS - I bought some black sneaker/moccasins by Generic Surplus at Reed Space on Orchard Street. My daughter is mortified because I'm 'wearing skater shoes.'
WATCH - Bright blue Timex at Opening Ceremony
T-SHIRT - American Apparel or J. Crew
DAYTIME LOOK - See me in Burberry/The Art of the Trench: wrinkled shirt, tie, Uniqlo jeans, Prada lace-ups. Always with my 25 year old croc belt with silver Tiffany buckle to give it some 'history.'
BAG - J. Crew cotton bag with my drawing of their Broadway shop on it.
EVENING LOOK - Haha, that's funny...see 'daytime look.'
FAVORITE ACCESSORY - A wrist strap the Bray Brothers/Billykirk traded me for a sketch I did of them.
FAVORITE DESIGNER - Lanvin for men's and women's--it's modern chic full on.

FAVORITE ART - Impossible to answer. Good art restores my belief in the goodness of mankind to create beauty in the face of chaos and despair. I can't name one person...
SHEETS - I got some good stuff using a gift certificate at Restoration Hardware.
MORNING STARTER - Coffee! Trader Joe's or some amazing stuff from this hippie shop in Cape May.
STATIONARY - When I was a fashion designer I had embossed cards from Dempsey & Carroll. Now, I use a sketch pad.
FLOWERS - A big bunch of roses in different colors. Anyone reading this is more than welcome to send me some...
GADGET - iPhone apps. Right now the Scrabble app and the one that allows me to do portraits on the iPhone.
NEIGHBORHOOD RESTAURANT - Roberta's at the Morgan L stop is the shit. So is An Choi on Orchard St.
DRINK - I don't drink, so it would have to be Snapple green tea in the 17.5 oz. containers.
DESSERT - Anything that starts with the word 'creme.'

DISCOVERY - Brooklyn. Not news anymore, but a real discovery to me.
WHO INSPIRES YOU? My daughter--her curiosity, humor and intelligence inspires me every day.
NECESSARY EXTRAVAGANCE - Flowers, books, time, flowers, good candles, fashion books, massages, an occasional therapy session...
CHARITY - Anything benefiting children in orphanages.
MOVIES - Too many to say. But, the one movie that still resonates about how and where we live is Robert Altman's classic, 'Nashville.'
VINTAGE STORE - Didier Ludot in Paris--not your typical vintage place. Hermes and Dior--the real deal.
HOTEL - L'Hotel on the left bank in Paris. Small on size but grand in taste.
COLORS - Like art, too many to choose. But, I usually reach for any shad of blue colored pencil first...

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  1. Great interview - after you posted about Richard's sketches, I had a few done for Christmas gifts and they were a big hit! Amazing - Richard & Babs!!


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