Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tracy Anderson Method: Day 1

I love running outside. I just do. I love going to the park, running around the neighborhoods, the obstacles of pedestrians, and red lights so I can catch my breath. But, I don't let myself run when it is below freezing...which means I have not run in about two months....which means I am getting mushy. Who better to deal with a mushy body than Tracy Anderson. I ordered both the Dance Cardio DVD and the mat workout and today is officially day 1.

I started with the Tracy Anderson Method Dance Cardio workout, and my plan is to alternate the cardio with the mat workout 5 days a week to achieve my potentially "tiny, dancer-like body" according to Tracy. This is quite exciting because I have never been tiny nor dancer-like in my life. I take that back...I was five pounds when I was born, and that was the last time I was tiny.

So, here is what happened for day 1 of my workout:

- I did the 45 minute tutorial on learning the eight (yes, eight) dance routines that one does during the normal workout. I thought the tutorial was a bit of a workout in itself, and since I am no dancer it is a truly humbling way to spend your morning. I am planning on doing the tutorial again later tonight to try to solidify the moves and improve foot coordination. I am very glad that you can watch the video looking at Tracy's back so you don't have to mirror, you only need to follow.

- I did the warm up section for my "cool down". After the tutorial (aka cardio sneak peak) I thought it a good idea to wind down the muscles.

- I then made the mistake of watching the first bit of the actual full-speed cardio workout. Sheer terror must have spread across my face, because she was doing moves I did not even remember learning at a tempo of some sort of dancer fembot on overload. I am sure dancer-like people look very cool doing this, but I will most likely look incredibly uncoordinated. And, now I know why Gwyneth and Madonna looked completely drenched in sweat apres workout.

- To delay the inevitable, I watched the Gwyneth Paltrow interview, and she said she was completely uncoordinated and had no booty shaking moves when she started (which made me feel much better). She went on to say that since she has been doing the workout for a year she gets it...OMG a year!

So, in twelve months I should look pretty great doing the moves, but I can brace myself for humiliation for the next eleven. It does look fun when Tracy is doing it, so let's hope I am a fast learner. Wish me luck! Will be updating as progress comes along.

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