Monday, February 8, 2010

Be Mine Valentine!--Great Cards for Lovers, Fighters, Friends and Fam

I was just remembering the good ole days of elementary school when we decorated paper bags for our 'mailbox' and made little Valentine's Day cards for all of our classmates. I think Ninja Turtles, Barbie, and whatever Disney movie had just come out were the most popular, and you always hoped your secret crush would write you a little message or slip you an extra piece of candy. Ah, love and longing at the ripe old age of ten.

I still enjoy sending Valentine's Day cards. I am not too into the ooey gooey presents, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, and flowers gig, but I do love to send cards to my family and best friends. I always look for funny, witty cards without all the sap and romance of traditional greeting cards. This year I found the most wonderful cards by a company called Egg Press. I also have a bunch of blank red cards with matching envelopes that I am rubber stamping with curly-cues to give it a little V-Day flair. Remember: bros before hos and sistas before mistas. Don't forget your friends and fam this Valentine's Day!


  1. Love this post -- these are adorable! I also love sending cards to friends and family on Valentine's Day... It's important for EVERYONE to remember that they're loved :)
    xxoo Josie

  2. like this post...I really appreciate sending cards but with Gift Card envelopes...I really like it.


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