Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tracy Anderson Arm Sequence

Hot of the presses from Goop: another Tracy Anderson workout gem.  This time it's a 5-minute arm sequence, and I love how it has a 'right now' song attached as opposed to a no-name 'workout video' song.  I normally do this sequence two or three times in a row (depending on how much time I have) after I do cardio.  You can't imagine how much burn you get by waving your arms around.  You can also feel it in your abs if you keep them actively contracted.  And, as an added bonus you can check out Tracy's new set of boobs.  Those were definitely not featured on the original dance cardio and mat DVD's I have.  Haha.  One of my favorite quotes by Tracy is that if you bulk your arms it just makes more skin to sag later in life, so put your weights down and get to swinging.


And, PS--the dance cardio and mat workout DVD's I purchased in January are awesome.  I am a true Tracy Anderson addict, and my junkie status is revived whenever I find a new sequence or video to use. 

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