Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Instead of a Hoebag....It's the Schitbag!

Yep, this is no joke.  It's touted as the "the new status purse."  I know I can't wait to tell all my friends I just got a new Schitbag.  Who are the marketing geniuses who think up this stuff?  One thing's for certain, though, it has sure received a lot of press due to the name.  

On a more serious note...to fanny pack or not to fanny pack?  Summer is here and it's hard to eat an ice cream cone while carrying an oversize envelope clutch while chatting on your cell.  Does it matter if it's Gucci (even though those look like a Canal Street special legit or not), or do they remind you of Disney circa 1993?

Hands-Free Designer Belt Bag Fascinates Hollywood

Los Angeles, CA (May 12, 2010) -- The Original Schitbag, launching now for the Fall season, moves the concept of a waist or hip purse into the 21st century with a unique, high-fashion design that enhances any outfit.  For the first time, a hands-free, shoulder-free belt bag is sophisticated as well as practical, providing the sensuous elegance women have always wanted in a waist bag.  Meticulously crafted in rich shades of velvety, optimum-quality suede, the Schitbag contours to the body and hides flaws with its sleek lines.

Image from Schitbag via nymag.com

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