Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Couture Has Nothing to do with Track Suits

Get into this!  I was browsing around Hulu last night trying to fill another evening of basking in my new air conditioner when I came across a series called Masters of Style.  Yes, it sounds a bit Masters of the Universe, but it gives quite an education on influencers such as Valentino, Gaultier, and Dolce & Gabanna.  But the real story I was excited to indulge in was that of John Galliano...ESPECIALLY since I am buzzed from all the couture shows happening right now.  Watching the docu then scrolling through this year's Dior couture collection just makes all the pieces of the puzzle fit together so perfectly.  In Galliano's realm fashion becomes performance art.  In a world where the word 'couture' has been watered down to describe everything from velour track suits to some retarded TV show about New Jersey it is so refreshing to see the true craft of haute couture being practiced.  Enjoy!   

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