Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lusting after R&Y Augousti Cuffs - Gorgeous!

OMG I want these so badly it is painful!  R&Y Augousti is relaunching its jewelry line, and I would kill for these shagreen and malachite cuffs.  Life is too short to accessorize with jewelry that will turn your skin green.  Always think of price per wear.  That $10 necklace from your favorite fast fashion retailer costs way more in the end if you only wear it once as opposed to pieces that are a bit pricier you wear for years and years.  I bought a lovely (and not outrageously expensive) ring a year and a half ago from Doyle & Doyle and it has barely left my finger.  Staying power!  If you buy things you truly love they are well worth the price.....and don't forget the disdain your grandchildren will feel if they inherit a shoebox of H&M accessories.

R&Y Augousti jewelry available at Barneys New York.

1-stone cuff - $275
2-stone cuff - $300

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  1. Bill Clinton wants these too. He feels your pain.

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