Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Update Your Summer Pants in 2.5 Seconds

Gentlemen, you must love the sheer simplicity of this sartorial juzher, and best of all, it's free.  It's the pants roll.  Brought to the masses by the New York Times this morning, this is the perfect way to channel that styled yet devil-may-care look.  

PS - I love the messy rolled look with heels or espadrilles in the summer, so this is definitely lady territory as well.

Here are the guidelines:
- Bare ankles are best, but crazy socks are ok on guys....just nothing white or athletic looking.  Ladies, go for a heel.
- After rolling, the pant legs should be an inch or two above the ankle; nothing nearing knee/calf territory.
- Cuff should be 1-2 inches (1" rolled three times, or 2" rolled twice)
- Looser pants require a peg, or pinching the fabric to make a small fold while rolling---I remember doing this in this in 3rd grade.  Make sure points face inward on each leg so they are symmetrical.
- The look is best with chinos or denim, and nothing too suit-like or dressy.  Also, forget it with skinny jeans.

All in all, this is the "I totally spent time to look this disheveled look".  Pull it off, and you look effortlessly styled...and all with a quick roll of the pant. 

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