Monday, September 13, 2010

Live From the Tents!

Live from New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center!  I have officially been able to be able to cross one of the "things to do before I die" items off my list: Attend a fashion show at the tents.  Yes, in New York there is actually a gi-normous tent that is set up at Lincoln Center (formerly Bryant Park).   Let's begin with this one important fact: Fashion shows are for buyers, the media, and the occasional celebrity (depending on which show you are at).  It is really a work-related event, so I was incredibly lucky to get to mooch a friend's invite who couldn't go.  Even though I had never heard of Farah Angsana it was amazing to be up close and personal (I ended up being in the 1st row): watching the models, seeing the photographers at the end of the runway, hell even entering the place was pretty cool.  Ok, on to the show.  After your invite is scanned, you are corralled by the entrance of your respective tent section until the time the show is scheduled to begin.  Then it is a swarm of humanity finding their seats and looking to see if someone important is supposed to be sitting next to them (each chair is labeled with a name and their magazine/website/shop.  You schmooze around for a while, then they peel back the plastic covering the runway, take the lights all the way down, then all the way back up for the show.  It literally lasts no more than 10 minutes.  There were 30 looks in all, so you can imagine how fast it went.  It was kind of surreal seeing the models in real life, and it was even more fun pointing out which ones had gnarly bruises on their legs and other minor imperfections.  It is like seeing seeing animals in the zoo your entire life then going on safari.  I always see models traipsing around NYC, but rarely do you see them 'working'.  I felt like the designer used more 'normal sized' models which you have to love deep down inside.  The clothes were pretty eh--and some were downright garish, but this is fashion and not everyone is Carolina Herrera.  I would say the most distracting thing was the awful shoes the models were wearing.  They were nude-toned stripper platforms with blue soles, and the models could barely walk in them.  If these gazelles has trouble, think of the rest of us clomping around like clydesdales!  Check out the video below from the New York Times website.  It gives you a pretty good idea of what it's like in real life, straight from Lincoln Center.  

PS - Remember, always have your camera.  Cell phone snaps look like crap.  Doh.

Farah Angsana S/S 2011

Farah Angsana S/S 2011

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