Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Get Naked with Victoria's Secret's The Nakeds

I am a very particular person, and when it comes to my underwear I am the most particular...especially in regards to bras.  

I require:
- NO Capri-Sun like liquid inserts that are supposed to instantly add two cup sizes
- NO glitter, crazy prints, wild colors, or any combination of the three
- NO converting to 5 different styles--just get a good strapless

Finally, I have found exactly what I am looking for at exactly the right price.  Shockingly enough, it was at the bastion of middle America, homemaker-meets-stripper fantasy: Victoria's Secret.  Now, I can only spend about 5 minutes in the store before my head explodes from all the body splash, lip gloss, thongs with feather accents, and neon pink zebra print, BUT their "The Nakeds" line of bras is the perfectly, exactly, everything I want.  I have the demi and full-coverage bras in basic black, light buff, and nude, (so adventurous, I know) and not only are the incredibly comfortable, but they are entirely seamsless under clothing.  I also love how they are lightly lined so you don't poke anyone's eye out if you catch a draft.  So, for around $40 I found the perfect bra; One that makes me look like me....not like the Pam Anderson Vegas showgirl version of me, and I love it.

Check out Victoria's Secret The Nakeds

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  1. so upset the cancelled the panties in this collection!


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