Friday, January 21, 2011

Tonne Goodman is My Style Sister

I was having dinner a few weeks ago with a friend who is a blogger at a prominent fashion website, and she was telling me what the other editors in the office wear.  In a nutshell, she described it as so over the top with prints layered with stripes layered with bold colors and big accessories on top of that, and we collectively decided that it was completely over-styled and worn to say 'look at how fashionable I am' as opposed to looking great.  Basically style amateur hour. 

I guess this is why I love Tonne Goodman's style so much.  She favors classically understated pieces, a neutral color pallet, flats, straight hair, white jeans, minimal makeup, and I could go on and on.  I cannot deny my inherent love of black turtleneck sweaters, and you will never see me layer garments in a dizzying spectacle.  She is one of my favorite editors at Vogue, and I took it as a huge compliment when my friend J said I was 'totally giving him Tonne right now' when I layered black and gray turtleneck s (two of my favorite colors and one of my favorite winter looks).  So, every time I am feeling the 'dressing room dumps' that I just don't feel like myself in a of-the-moment leather jacket, sky-high platform heels, or a flouncy dress, I channel Tonne and say to hell with them all.  I am dressing for me.

PS - check out Tonne's inspirations for the month in Vogue's February issue (page 142).

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