Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tame Those Talons

  • Two manicures a month = $24 (the only thing cheaper in NYC is a mani/pedi)
  • One year's worth of said mani = $288
  • Sephora 4-Step Buffer = $5
  • Cost savings = $283

The numbers don't lie, my friends. This is a great trick for well-kept nails on a budget. And, in my opinion, nothing looks worse than chipped, dark polish. Your nails may have been professionally done by a very talented person of Asian descent, but now they are looking more guttersnipe than glam.

This buffer from Sephora is my favorite out of the countless ones I have tried: comfortable in the hand and long lasting. My favorite look, especially for easy breezy warmer weather, is buffed nails and immaculately painted toes (a must in sandal season). Do the buffing yourself....salons usually upcharge at least $2 for the buff, and be the master of your own fingernail domain.

Sephora 4-Step Nail Buffer

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