Wednesday, April 8, 2009

St. Bart's on a Budget

In honor of it snowing today on the 7th of April, I thought it appropriate to focus on getting the hell out of Siberia (aka NYC)....To somewhere that is warm, preferably with sand and sea, where little umbrellas in frosty cocktails abound, and most definitely an excluse little hot spot. New York Magazine came out with the best budget (and I will preempt this with everyone's idea of budget is different) weekend in St. Bart's a while back, complete with lodging, dining, excursions, and the like. Their recommendations run the gamut from the 80 Euro a night Salines Garden Cottages, to cook-it-yourself fish on a hot stone at The Hideaway to sailing lessons and private yacht charter after shopping for cashmere throws at Cachemire Creme. Whether you are Ginger or Mr. Howell (or even Gilligan) there is obviously something to do to please everyone in your party. Jet Blue flies from JFK to St. Maarten so tally up those True Blue points and grab the puddle jumper form there. Screw the weekend and stay the week at these prices!

Check out the entire article here.

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