Monday, April 13, 2009

My Favs: Barbara Kratus

I saw this questionnaire in Vanity Fair and decided to shamelessly rip it off. Of course I, Barbara Kratus, will be the first to answer, and I look forward to adding my favorite people to the list of honorees.

LIPSTICK: Not really a lipstick person, but I love Nivea A Kiss of Shine or Chanel Aqualumiere in Waikiki. SHAMPOO: Head & Shoulders 2-in-1--I have super fine hair, and this is perfection. MOISTURIZER: NeoStrata Ultra Smoothing Lotion. HAIR PRODUCT: Any kind of ultra super cement hold hairspray for the bangs. PERFUME: Marc Jacobs or Narciso Rodriguez TOOTHPASTE: Crest Vivid White--I have a slight obsession with teeth. NAIL POLISH COLOR: Seasonal, but I love Essie Wicked on toes, buff on the phalanges. WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR HAIR CUT: Jordan Sparkes at Garren New York.
JEANS: JBrand or Goldsign---fit, fit, fit is key. Pay whatever you need to for them to fit perfectly. UNDERWARE: American Apparel or Elle McPherson Intimates--reasonably priced and super sexy. SNEAKERS: Converse All-Stars or Vans slip-ons. WATCH: Marc Jacobs blue patent leather--I always get compliments. (I really want a vintage Rolex, though). DAY DRESS: J. Crew, but mostly wear separates--increases the number of outfits exponentially. DAY BAG: Marc Jacobs Hillier bag in Black (although in hot weather it leaves black crap all over my white jeans!!) EVENING BAG: Clutch or super short strap. FAVORITE ACCESSORY: Gold ring with blue sapphire I got at Doyle & Doyle as a "Welcome 2009" present to myself. FAVORITE DESIGNER: Changes Monthly.HOME
WHERE DO YOU LIVE: Greenwich Village, Manhattan. FAVORITE ART: Elizabeth Peyton, Helmut Newton. SHEETS: Seriously, I have these sheets from Bed Bath & Beyond made of bamboo fiber that they are amazingly soft. COFFEE-MAKER: None, more of a green tea straight-up person. STATIONARY: Crane's in tangerine orange. FAVORITE FLOWERS: Hydrangeas, tulips, and bluebonnets. FAVORITE GADGET: Nike+ Ipod. FAVORITE NEIGHBORHOOD RESTAURANT: Pepe Giallo in Chelsea---ridiculously cheap and ridiculously delicious. FAVORITE DRINK: Black Russian (Vodka and Kahlua) FAVORITE DESERT: Single scoop of ice cream in a sugar cone.
FAVORITE DISCOVERY: Yoga to the People and Tracy Anderson workouts online. WHO INSPIRES YOU: Diane Von Furstenberg, Barack Obama, Madonna, Anna Wintour. NECESSARY EXTRAVAGANCE: Pedicures and brunch with friends on the weekends. FAVORITE CHARITY: Children of Bellevue. FAVORITE MOVIES: Pulp Fiction, Marie Antoinette, Belle du Jour, Ferris Beuller's Day Off, Gray Gardens. FAVORITE HOTEL: Hotel San Jose, Austin TX. FAVORITE COLORS: Gray, gold, navy.

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