Thursday, April 16, 2009

Best Bargain Mascara

I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect mascara. Non negotiable traits include: 1- Lengthening, 2- Volumizing, 3- Won't be mistakened for raccoon at the end of the day, 4- Easily washes off at night when doing half-ass face cleansing, 5- Will not look completely scary the morning after tying a big one on.

I have found it, my loyal followers! A mascara that does all of the above! L'Oreal Double Extend with "Beauty Tubes Technology" (half red/half white packaging) is just wonderful. I first heard of this 'mascara tubes technology' years ago from a mascara in Kevin Aucoin's makeup line. So, when I started seeing commercials for L'Oreal's offering in the "minimal committment" $10 range I had to give it a whirl.

Step 1: Brush on the white side which has little fibers that lengthen and thicken your lashes. Step 2: Use the other side of the tube with the black mascara. Super long and thick lashes somehow appear. No movement or southern migration during the day is a huge plus for this mascara. I will say washing your face is a little scary since the mascara doesn't really come off in tiny, little tubes like you are expecting.....they look more like a bunch of tarantula hairs, but whatever. I love this stuff!

Check it out!

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