Sunday, June 7, 2009

Top it Off

In my opinion, hats are the great divider of style. Hats aren't for the faint of heart: you have to own the look with a hat, you must to commit to it because you hair will inevitably be ruined for the rest of the day, and above all, you have to find one with the perfect proportions, the appropriate outfit, etc..

I currently only own cold-weather hats, but I think I am ready to venture into the world of raffia and cane to get a summer number. First of all, the summer hat is perfect on humid, bad-hair days. It shields the face, and let's be real---less sun on the face equals less wrinkles equals less money spent in the derm's chair. And finally, it's a great accessory when you are sick of jangling around with bangle bracelets like Auntie Mame and want to go more low-maintenance.

For a city look, the straw fedora pictured is available at Ann Taylor LOFT for a whopping $30. This is a great way to stick your toe in the water to see if you can rock it. They also have a few wide-brimmed hats which is a perfect way to add drama to that beach or poolside ensemble. Enjoy!

My Pick: Ann Taylor LOFT straw fedora

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