Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Steal Their Stylist

Through my past professional lives I have worked with fashion stylists, prop stylists, home staging stylists, food stylists (even one who specialized solely in ice cream), and just about every type of stylist known to man. They are great at what they do and magazines, brands, retailers, etc. pay them a lot of money to work their magic on a heap of clothes, an un-made bed, and yes a pint of ice cream. Why not use all this to your advantage? Some of my favorite places to look for new outfit combinations and juzhing ideas are Vogue magazine, J. Crew catalog (one of the reasons I am obsessed with rolling my jeans right now), Barneys in-store merchandising, and Style.com videos (fahion lovers: you can sucked into this site for hours so proceed with caution). Or, just walk around and get the wheels spinning. I am always inspired by the way people put themselves together. Elle Decor--and the now defunct Dominio magazine--are perfect for fabulous home decorating ideas.

When I find something I love from one of these sources I tear the page out, take a pic (I am always carrying my camera), or bookmark the webpage. I keep a binder --NERD ALERT-- with clear plastic sleeves to keep my finds. I literally have dividers for fashion, home, travel, and places in I need to check out (or blog about immediately). When I have a "closet of clothes, nothing to wear" moment I go to the binder: Crisis averted. When I go shopping I check the binder to see what pieces I am missing to replicate outfits I love. When I need to spruce up my tenement a bit I go to the binder and find a little idea I can incorporate or a new way to arrange something. I also keep the business cards of my "support staff": hair, nails, doctors, etc. for quick reference and easy appointment scheduling. It has really been a lifesaver when I have been in a wardrobe bind and has kept my purchases focused to things I will absolutely love.

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