Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dueling Cheap Eats List in NYC

Shall I bring my sword or my dueling pistols? The question should have been asked to New York Magazine and Time Out New York; each with its own version of the best Cheap Eats in NYC which came out last week.

New York Magazine has tellingly taken the high-brow road (under $25) with sandwiches from Le Cirque and a few sit-down options I am definitely going to try out, like Sorella. However, the list was annoyingly overcrowded by an entire section dedicated to New York pizzerias. Sorry. Boring. As an antidote to Time Out New York's magical $10 price point, they decided upon the 10 best dishes under $10 (all of which are now on my list to try). Porchetta and Pho Sure are already on my roster of cheap go-to's.

Time Out New York's list was geared toward the unemployed, super broke, or incredibly cheap. Eats for under an astonishing low $10....which is like saying under $5 in any other part of the country. Although I dread the cluttered interface of their website, the $10 price tag was just too tempting to not take a peek...ok, and to make a few printouts to stash in my desk drawer and kitchen cupboard.

New York Magazine's Cheap Eats List 2009

Time Out New York's Cheap Eats List 2009

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