Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shareen Vintage: Best (Reasonable) Vintage Boutique

For me, vintage shopping has always consisted of two extremes: Vintage in it's most luxurious form of Christian Dior cocktail dresses from the 50's and original YSL Safari Jackets (a.k.a., museum quality pieces with enormous price tags) OR, Vintage in its most annoying form-- garage sale chic and used shoes being sold for ridiculous prices to hipster-like clientele.

Well, I have just found your new favorite vintage boutique. Shareen Vintage just opened an NYC outpost with a smashing array of dresses, tops, rompers, jackets, etc. almost all under $100 (I didn't see anything over $70). I visited the unmarked space last Wednesday and was a little surprised to find shoppers in various stages of undress (there are no dressing rooms, so it has a bit of a Barneys Warehouse Sale, "free for all" feel). After I zoned out a few wannabe SATC girl groups telling their friends that everything looked amazing (total liars...haha) I could take a deep breath and take it all in. Everything was truly unique and well organized which took out the hassle of sorting through racks of garbage to find the diamond in the rough. I also loved that little snacks and drinks sere served since it was a post-work adventure and about 10 million degrees outside. I ended up walking out of there with a black and white sequined shirt for which I had been searching for about two years since I saw Kate Moss wearing something similar. It was a true find at $38, and I will definitely make Shareen on of my monthly drop-in shops for truly unique finds.

Shareen Vintage
13 West 17th Street 2nd Floor
Wednesday & Thursday from 5-10pm
Saturday & Sunday 10-5 starting in September

PS - Wore said sequined shirt to the MadeMan.com Trailblazers 2009 event last night and got about a million compliments. Love it!

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