Monday, July 13, 2009

NYC Opera: Shitty Seats, Chic Price

Opera: the epitome of class, sophistication, and culture. It is one of those polarizing activities that people think of as either incredibly interesting or a complete snooze. I am right in the middle---I love to people watch, entertainment value is good, and it's something a little more glamorous to do on a Saturday night then pounding Jager shots or watching romantic comedies in sweats.

Subscribe to the New York City Opera and get tickets to three shows for a grand total of $48. The only thing shitty about this deal is the seats. Bring your kleenex because you may get a nosebleed. Other than that, I think the fun is more in the experience of going than anything else. And, at these prices it is basically on par with going to the movies, but much more chic.

New York City Opera Season Tickets

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