Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Dirtiest Heart Necklace Ever

Whisper nothings and tell me sweet, sweet lies.

The Sweet Nothings pendants from In God We Trust are the physical equivalent to a little pillow talk that crosses the line.....You want me to do what?! Imagine tires screeching to a halt. These little necklaces will stop you in your tracks in the exact same way. Awwww, cute little heart necklace....omg it says "kiss me where I pee". They have about 10 different sayings to choose from which range from "fuck my face" and balance out on the other end of the smut spectrum with a version that says "with love".

I love the irony and double take factor with these, and for $40 it will be worth its weight in gold with the reactions you get from friends, when you give it as a gift, or just the little naughty smirk you can give yourself when you look in the mirror.

For an extra $10 they will custom engrave for you....this could get interesting

Sweet Nothings Pendant from In God We Trust
In Manhattan:
- Ludlow btwn Stanton and Rivington
- Lafayette @ Prince
In Brooklyn:
- Wythe btwn. 7th and 8th

Buy online here

PS - My favorite is "in it to win it".


  1. my favorite shoes are from in go we trust. rad, rad place. xo.

  2. Yes. Love it. I went in on Sat to buy the necklace, and I found out they can do custom engraving. I am thinking great gift ideas come holiday. I also got these awesome sunglasses for all of $15. How did I only just discover this place?


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