Saturday, August 22, 2009

Start Television: Guilty Pleasure

I can't tell you how thrilled I am when I see that my friend of a friend, Brix Smith-Start, has posted a new webisode of Start Television to her Facebook Page. Nothing gets my excitement giggles going in the morning like watching Brix talk about fabulous fashion fixes, her shop (Start London), and anything else that breezes across her mind while Charlott is filming her.

Brix is a complete whirlwind: You literally get wrapped up in her presence. I met her for tea last February when I was in London with one of my best friends who had met her in St. Bart's. And, let me just say....get ready to be entertained. Once a member of the 80's band The Fall, she is totally hilarious, absolutely loves fashion and all that encompasses it, and is a completely unique individual (which I love).

You have to get in on Start Television. It is a great peek behind the curtain on buying trips to Paris, new trends coming down the line, how to amazingly style your outfits, and tons of TMI (too much info) moments with Brix.

Below is a little sneak, but click here to watch all her episodes.

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