Thursday, August 6, 2009

Keep Dreaming About This Summer Tote

I am loving this tote from a new handbag line from Mumbai called Princesse K. The combo of satin and lace takes it from day to night in a fun, summery, high-meets-low kinda way. And, at $100 it is a nice step between being "cheap and cheap looking" and a bank breaker....come on, it is just a summer bag which should never be classified as splurge worthy. I just wish I had discovered this tote two months ago to take advantage of full summer usage.

According to you can purchase this bag online, but after hunting for a online purchase option on their website I am thinking not. Which then makes me think....why the hell would blog about a specific product that is not even available in the US where I assume a good majority of their readers reside? Your guess is as good as mine, but I am sure online ordering will soon be an option.

Regardless, check out Princesse K's website by clicking here.

Another one of my favs is the envelope clutch a great ikat fabric.

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