Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Zoe Report

Love her or hate her, Rachel Zoe has definitely branded herself as queen bee celebrity stylist. While I do tire of her 1970's wardrobe redux, the woman's can definitely put an outfit together. Last week The Zoe Report, a daily fashion newsletter, was launched. Having watched season 1 of The Rachel Zoe Project I was immediately intrigued. How many times will the words "Bananas" and "I Die" (both of which she has supposedly trademarked) be used? Will her assistant, Brad, be a guest blogger? Will she give us tips on how to stay impossibly thin? I had to opt in ASAP.

Ok, so now I am on day two. This "daily candy" of Rachel's own favs and must haves is definitely not as entertaining as I imagined. However, the uber dramatic pics of Zoe are good for a laugh. The last two installments have featured a Prabal Gurung Cashmere Capelet ($2400) and Barton Perreira Starlet Sunglasses ($525). I am impressed that she has a 'Parallel Universe' selection for more affordable versions of the crazy expensive things she loves. But, the wardrobe advice gives you a bit of 'duh' feeling: "Fall is all about accenting your grays and blacks with statement brights"....duh.

As with wine and cheese some things get better with time, so I am going to keep reading and hope Rachel gets into her groove. I would really love to see more general posts on how to make an outfit amazing, how to shop for vintage, or how to live off of three pieces of asparagus a day. Seriously, give me something I can really use!

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