Friday, September 4, 2009

Denim Master of the Barneys Co-Op Floor

The one thing I condone spending way too much money on is denim. The perfect pair of jeans will make you look 10 pounds lighter, transform your thighs into twigs, and add about 3" to your height. I am a total denim phobe, though, and I normally do one lap around the CO-OP floor and end up either a) huddled in a dressing room in the fetal position b) high-tailing it out of there to Chelsea Passage where everything fits since it is housewares, or c) at Fred's for a dirty martini to drink away my denim sorrows. There are way too many choices, and I have no patience for it. The Barney's website alone has 160 pairs of different jeans; It is enough to make you want to wear leggings for the rest of your life.

This is where the trained professionals come in. Yes, I am shamelessly promoting another friend of mine during the first annual "Shamelessly Promote Your Friends Week", but when they are amazing at what they do who cares. Nic Graziani is the denim master of the Co-Op floor at Barneys on Madison. I have walked in numerous times and just said I need a new pair of jeans. Nic thinks for about 2.5 seconds and pulls 6 pairs that all look amazing and are just the right size. When my friend, Jessica, said she needed a new pair of jeans I knew exactly where to send her. I also used this as a true test of mastery since they had never met, so I knew he hadn't been studying up on cuts and washes for her....all his picks looked amazing on her.

So, save yourself the hassle and heartache of denim shopping this fall and go straight to the people who know the brands, cuts, washes, etc. inside and out.

Who/where is your go-to denim source outside of NYC? Pray tell!

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