Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Favs: Shani Silver

Shani and I met our first week of freshman year at The University of Texas, and even though we haven't been able to live in the same city since graduation (We have shuffled between Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York) it's like a match made in heaven. There is something about Barton Springs and Thundercloud that bonds friends forever. She writes the amazingly entertaining blog London France (yes, as in underpants), is a budding photographer, loves dive bars and live music, and oh ya, in her spare time she practices law. Welcome the world of Shani's favorites.

Lipstick- Nars Chelsea Girls
Shampoo- Anything that smells like mint
Moisturizer- Olay daily stuff. spf 15
Hair Product- Bobby pins.
Perfume- Majenty perfume oil, hidden cove scent
Toothpaste- Crest vivid white
Nail-Polish Color- Essie ballet slippers
Where do you get your hair cut- My girl Bria. She hooks it up with the mad bang trims.

Jeans- Online sample sales
Underwear- Hanky Panky
Sneakers- No
Watch- Broken
T-Shirt- Three Dots, Splendid, or American Apparel
Day Dress- Vintage
Day Bag- Ashley Watson recycled leather bags
Evening Bag- Vintage Gucci
Favorite Accessory- Maya Brenner Texas necklace
Favorite Designer- Alexander Wang, Pency, Mike & Chris

Where do you live- Chicago
Favorite Art- The Post Family
Sheets- Not jersey
Coffee- Whatever Mexican coffee is on sale at Jewel
Stationary- Legal pads
Flowers- The kind that get delivered to my office
Gadget- iphone
Neighborhood restaurant- Tank Sushi
Drink- Yes
Dessert- Birthday cake

Favorite Discovery- Free public pools
Who inspires you- People who use public transit
Necessary Extravagance- Hanky Pankys
Favorite Charity- The ones that feed people
Favorite Movies- Annie Hall, Harry Potter
Favorite Vintage Store- ebay
Favorite Hotel- Hotel Cass
Favorite Colors- black, white

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