Monday, August 31, 2009

Five Musts for Your Hair Arsenal

I asked Jordan Sparkes, my resident hair sensei, to give the quick and dirty 5 things every girl must have in her hair arsenal. When I was in college I got my hair cut at Toni & Guy, and I think they used at least 13 products on my hair each time. Ladies, this tactic is called "the hair show" and is completely unnecessary. Less is more when it comes to product, and you don't need a bathroom full of potions to look amazing.

Jordan Sparkes' five must-haves:

1- A great hair dryer (3000 watts or higher). They are much more expensive than the Conair one you bought at Target but very important if you want decent results.

2- A mild setting lotion to hold your blow out or curl, whether it be natural or applied with added heat. We have all used these products before but never really knew their importance. Example: mouse, curl enhancer or straightening cream. My favorite product in the world is Garren New York Designing Spray Tonic.

3- If you have a severe bang, spikes, a set you want to last a week, or generally anything you don't want to budge in the wind don't half ass it: get something that says freeze, maximum, cement, rock hard get the picture. My favorite is Blasting Freeze Spray from Got2B. The can looks like bug repellent, naturally!

4- A great hair clip. You never know when you'll need a quick fix to pull yourself together. Arm yourself with the tools to pull off a quick ponytail, chignon, twist it up, whatever! It could be a thick or thin rubber band that matches your hair color, comb, or butterfly clip. Just think simple--black, silver, brushed metal, something that can go with whatever you're wearing. But, nothing too flashy because it's all about being easy and looking pulled together yet effortless.

5- A good brush. C'mon really? This beachy look is out of control. There's a fine line between looking beachy and dirty!

The short list:
Hair band or clip


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