Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Your Guide to Fashion's Night Out Freebies

Little did I know when I planned my most recent business trip that I would be missing A) a good portion of Fashion Week (boo hoo), and B) Fashion's Night Out (double boo hoo). If you live in NYC, you have been inundated with posters, advertisements, and every shop window screaming about Fashion's Night Out on Thursday night. If we will so kindly remember the retail meltdown that happened last holiday season, this is the fashion industry's attempt to remedy the "world is ending so I may as well die in clearance cashmere" and put the "fun back into shopping"...or so the PSA says. Let's face it: consumers saw how much retailers were willing to hike up their skirts to make a sale, and now it seems incredibly painful to pay full price for anything.

Well, lucky for us, even if you shop on September 10th, you can still come out of the night with tons of free booty. Here is your guide to looking fabulous for free all evening.

  • Start off at Pure Yoga for an unlimited free weekly pass. Only worth it if you live/work on the Upper East Side. Located on 86th. I think my nose bleeds when I go that far Uptown.

  • Head to Bumble and Bumble for a free glass of bubbly and a styling session. You want to be camera ready, and the booze will numb the stiletto strife as the night goes on. (56th and Lex)

  • Why pay when you can get one for free? Free official Fashion's Night Out t-shirt at Gucci.

  • It's a beauty bonanza at Saks. Tons of deals, free brow shaping, and swag, swag, swag.

  • Move downtown where you know the party is going to outlast those old bags on the Upper East Side. You are probably hungry (and drunk) by now, so swing by Unis (Elizabeth at Prince) for free Thai food.

  • Free manicures at Chanel in Soho or Tracy Reese (Hudson at Gansevoort). Let your food digest before the last big push.

  • Finish the night with a bag of beauty swag at Space.NK (Greene near Spring) or a free Mentha Lip Shine at CO Bigelow.

I think you have worked very hard this evening to get spruced up and replenish your beauty stash. Enjoy, and I am so jealous you will be there! Any crazy stories, major attitude, or juicy bits I would love to hear about? Leave a comment, and let me know!

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  1. I'm crying softly to myself. I should have planned an NYC trip around this!

  2. Here is the recap via NY Daily News:

    Mary-Kate Olsen getting tipped by a confused patron at Bergdorf Goodman's bar where the tiny twins were serving drinks

    Rihanna, in a hood and sunglasses at night, causing so much of a fracas during her five-minute lap around Intermix on Prince St. that one fan knocked over a rack, causing a bag to fall over and hit another patron on the head

    Throngs of non-shoppers at Stella McCartney gobbling up vegan pizza

    Girls climbing the tables at Saks to catch a glimpse of Justin Timberlake (above, who hid in the bridal salon) as one girl screamed, “I'll wait forever, Justin!”

    Sarah Jessica Parker apologizing to Oscar de la Renta for missing his show next Wednesday, since she's filming “Sex and the City 2”

    Ungaro's “artistic adviser” Lindsay Lohan picking out a leather jacket at the store — then wearing it out the door after salesgirls ripped the tags off


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