Tuesday, October 13, 2009

100 European Hotels for Under $150...Bon Voyage!

Wanna get away? Forget Grandma's house, your parent's house, or a lame-o "stay-cation". Dust off that passport and head to Europe! The New York Times has a great article in their Travel section on 100 tester-approved, not scary Larry, totally legit hotels and bed and breakfasts in major European cities (London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Rome, etc., etc.) all for under $150 a night. Trust me, you are too old to be pulling that hostel crap, and couch crashing at your expat friend's place is not incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. These are perfect places for the budget-minded traveler who would rather travel that extra day than pony up for the swank hotel. Now, if only the flights to Europe were so cheap.....Bon Voyage!

New York Time's 100 Hotels Under $150

PS - Pictured above is the Mark Hotel in Barcelona---#9 on the list. Bueno!

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