Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Calgon Take Me Away

I really have no idea where "Calgon take me away" comes from, but my mother says it all the time when she wants to teleport herself to anyplace other than where she is or when she wants to do anything other than what she is doing. I am feeling that way now on this rainy New York fall day....which is quite scary because February is still three months away, and I can't imagine what my mental state will be like then. Sooooo, how delighted was I to see that this week's issue of New York Magazine is featuring amazing getaways for the bargain winter traveler to "sun-soaked beaches, snowy peaks, igloos, waterfalls, steamed snook, and more." Destinations include Venezuela, the Dominican, Monaco, South Africa, Colorado, Norway, Israel, and the list goes on. Grab it on the newsstand this week or click below for all the goodies online. You will be thanking me and NY Mag come end of February.

New York Magazine's 2009 Winter Travel Bargain Guide

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