Thursday, October 22, 2009

The End of "Insufficcient Funds" Forever!

I know this is very NYC-centric, but I have been waiting for this to happen for the past THREE years. While living in Chicago, I always had a CTA transit card that was hooked up to my plastic and automatically refilled every month. I was nothing less than shocked when I moved to New York City to find that I had to physically buy a new Metrocard every month. For a city that has a couple million legs up on the public transit in Chicago I thought this very strange and like I had reverted back to the Stone Age....or at least a time before things like online bill pay, cell phones, and hotel rooms with actual keys instead of swipe cards.

But now my dreams have come true, and New York is finally offering an EasyPay XPress Metrocard that is linked to your debit/credit card and automatically refills. READ: No more running to the turnstile in hopes of catching the train that just pulled into the station only to be denied by running into the locked turnstile bar and seeing "Insufficient Funds" pop up on the screen.

There are two options:
1- The unlimited monthly which will refill automatically every 30 days
2- The "Pay-Per-Ride" card that will put $45 on your card and refill when the balance drops below $20 (you still get the 15% bonus).

This is a total no-brainer. Saving time, limiting stress, reducing trash (no tossing cards after 30 days), and making that train when you are running 10 minutes late is always chic.

Click here to get your card.


  1. FINALLY! Too bad I didn't know this before I refilled my card this morning...dun dun dun. Next month.

  2. I know! I am actually holding out till January to get mine. Going to Tejas for two weeks in December, and I would love to pocket an extra 40 bones.


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