Wednesday, October 21, 2009

GQ Rules - Dress Better for Less and win $5k at Barneys

I don't know why I love mensware, but I do. Every time I am at my bestie's place I am reading GQ. There is something a bit liberating about reading up on a type of fashion that you don't feel compelled to try immediately on yourself OR, that everything in your closet is suddenly "wrong". So, I do love to brush up on my men's archive. It also helps when I have to play stylist for guy friends in those "nothing to wear but need to look good" moments.

Sign up for access to GQ's 60-second daily video on how to dress better for less in 15 days to get yourself on track, brush up some tired looks, or add a few key pieces to your wardrobe to round everything out. Every day for two weeks there is a new video you can watch when you log in to Yesterday's video was about perking up a staid suit with a print (plaid, stripe, etc.) button down and a tie. Great advice. Today's was more about a male closet must: the tan overcoat.

Yes, you do have to register to watch the videos, but it takes two seconds AND gives you entry to win a $5,000 gift certificate at Barneys when you comment and countless daily giveaways from Prada, Tom Ford, Gucci, Jack Spade, etc...(great Christmas gifts).

Click here to get in the know.

Hmmmmm.....what would I do with $5k at Barneys?

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