Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fabulous Fur on Ebay

I am a total sucker for vintage fur. Maybe it's that I love Anna Wintour and her "suck it PETA" attitude, maybe it's that I am a child of the 80's and was an impressionable youth when my parents were watching Dynasty, or maybe it really just is the most luxe thing you can have in your wardrobe. I am a huge fan of vintage fur because it really does make me feel a bit better about the purchase: I am giving a beautiful something a good home. Although, I will say I probably crossed the line when I bought a mink stole complete with stuffed head that bites its tail to clasp it together at the 25th Street flea market, but devil may care...I love it.

Last winter I lost my favorite coat in London during a crazy debaucherous night with my gays (seriously, it was held hostage by a coat check guy at G-A-Y). Anyway, I needed to replenish my coat coffers on the cheap, so I went to Ebay. Vintage fur abounds!! I had not been on Ebay to make a purchase since I bought a stuffed squirrel for a prank in college (they have everything on Ebay....and more fur obsession haha). I came away with two wonderful coats (including the one pictured above) for under $100 including shipping. Score!

Key to buying vintage fur on Ebay
  • Search "Vintage fur coat, -faux, -fake" to get the riff raff out of the way
  • Check the measurements carefully. Vanity sizing has made us all think we are a size 6...not so much 40 years ago when you were most likely a size 10.
  • Don't buy anything without pictures of the lining of the coat. You may be in for a ratty surprise. A coat isn't necessarily a bargain in you need to put in $$ for repairs.
  • As always, check out my 5 steps to win an online auction.
Click Here to see what is on the auction block today.

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