Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Charlie the Tuna: Revisited

I have become sort of a cooking/gourmet food nut over the past year. I think it is because I can always rationalize the purchase of food (one has to eat, right) and, it is much cheaper to jaunt off on my own culinary adventures than to pay a restaurant to do it for me.

I normally bring my lunch to work since eating out for lunch every day is a monstrous waste of money. But, I still want something a little less pedestrian than PB&J (though I do love it on occasion with the honey roasted peanut butter from Whole Foods). My newest indulgence is tuna fish. I am in no way, shape, or form referring to the Chicken of the Sea or Starkist variety. I am talking about Italian canned tuna packed in olive oil. Seriously, it will change the way you think about tuna sandwiches. The taste is so spectacular and exponentially better than the other stuff that it seems adulterous to add mustard, mayo, or even bread. I do a quick drain and eat it straight up. Yes, it is more expensive than the regular, but it is like comparing Kraft Singles to a deliciously aged cheese from a cave in France....life is too short to eat crap. Out of all the lunchtime school cafeteria staples, the tuna sandwich finally gets its just desserts. This is a mini splurge I can completely get behind.

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