Wednesday, November 25, 2009

GQ's 15 Dress for Less Rules

While I love watching the videos on GQ's website (well-dressed, handsome men are always a sight for sore eyes), and for their 15-day Dress Better for Less countdown you must watch 15 videos at 2-3 minutes a pop. So, 30 minutes later you may feel like you are best friends with the two hosts, but you have lost out on a half an hour of your life. I have taken the grunt work out for you, gentleman, and have put myself through a grueling session of 15 back-to-back webisodes to bring you GQ's quick and dirty 15 tip to dress better for less. Just in time for the holidays....your family won't know where this stylish young man came from and where he hid his former frat boy.

1. Give a dark suit more mileage (and a more casual, updated look) by mixing in a printed button down shirt. GQ loves the plaid. Just make sure there are collar stays so it doesn't look sloppy. Pair with an un-busy tie in dark colors. This could be an amazing Holiday look too.

2. The camel coat is a versatile, practical, and sophisticated topper on cold days. Wear over a suit or on the weekend with jeans.

3. Add striped socks --- Ah, the Brits will love this one. Don't get crazy with awful Santa socks or four-leaf clovers. Stripes in subdued colors. Simple. Whatever you do, though, ditch the athletic socks.

4. Incorporate a pocket square into your suit life. Love this look. There are two ways you can go: 1) If you are a pocket square virgin stick with with white and straight across so you see a sliver of white. So Don Draper. Yum. 2) For you more adventurous types, and for a more casual vibe, look for vintage squares in patterns at thirft shops or even places like J. Crew. Just make sure you fold with a straight edge at the top so it doesn't look like a handkerchief.

5. Tweed Jacket - The perfect in-between from the sweater to the top coat on moderate fall days. GQ recommends Uniqlo for the tailored, slim unbeatable price.

6. The down vest can go so wrong so easily. Too puffy and you look like you belong in a rap video, too bright and you may as well be on mountain patrol or picking up trash on the side of the highway. GQ loves the vests at Lands End for three reasons: They are not bulky, they come in sophisticated colors (like gray), and it is under $30. Love this.

7. Sneakers + Suit - Leave your Dunks at home. When rocking the sneakers and suit be sure to go with classic sneaks in neutral colors. Also, if you have been tromping around the city in your shoes forget it. Clean and new-looking please. Adidas Originals styles work really well.

8. Great suit for under $500? Yep, find it at Banana Republic.

9. Getting a little chilly now that it is the end of November? Add a scarf to your sweater, blazer, or top coat. Cashmere is uber expensive, so go with a ribbed wool scarf in a neutral color. They usually have nice options Gap or Marc Jacobs. Guys, if you don't know what ribbed means you haven't been getting laid enough.

10. Incorporate a merino v-neck sweater to your suits. Is it is as cold in your office as it is outside? At one job I actually kept a blanket under my desk so I understand. Merino is a warm, thin, well-priced alternative to cashmere. The v-neck is perfect for wearing a tie. Go with neutral colors that won't clash with your suit (camel, gray, navy) and be sure to get slim fit so it isn't blousy.

11. Dark, straight-leg denim - Forget all this destroyed, whiskered crap. It looks so 5 years ago and is a telltale sign that you are from either Long Island or New Jersey. The Gap has great jeans from its 1969 collection that look so Marlon Brando or Johnny Depp. Wear with boots and roll them up a bit. And, unless you are gay or a hipster don't do super skinny.

12. Wingtips are the shoe of the fall, and they are classic so you can enjoy them for years to come. Don't spend an arm and a leg: Head to J. Crew, Florsheim, or Johnson & Murphy and go with brown.

13. Striped oxfords from Club Monaco - Nice slim fit, and a great mix-up to solids.

14. Skinny tie -

15. Plain, black rolling suitcase - Do not keep using that awful duffel bag. GQ and Shitty Chic recommend the one from Muji. I bought this after seeing it on the video, and I love it. Great pockets, great price, and plain black with no logos. I am a convert to the four wheel roller. Love it.

OR, if you would like to watch the vids click here.

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