Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hearing Loss is Not Chic

For anyone who is a slave to public transportation, this next post is going to ring true to you all.

For heaven's sake people, turn down your ipods! You know the scene in the movie The Graduate where that guy has one word for Benjamin "Plastics!"....well if that movie were to be filmed in 2009 that word would be "Hearing Loss!" (actually two words). It doesn't have the same ring to it (har har), but judging from the number of people I see, and unfortunately hear, on the subway each morning, becoming a hearing loss specialist is the career money tree of the future. We are going to have an entire generation of citizens saying What? and Huh? so brush up on your sign language now. Yes, I understand that you love your Pokerface at 9am, but the rest of us just aren't ready. This morning the gentleman across the car from me was listening to some type of death metal which might signal mental illness at that time of day (in which case he should visit a hearing specialist and a therapist). Regardless, please recognize that your choice of tunes in the a.m. might not be what the other 30 people in the subway car would like to start their day with.

Lesson Learned: If you pull the ear bud out of your ear and you can still hear it....well guess what, so can everyone else. Please, do your ears and ours a favor and turn it down.

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