Saturday, November 14, 2009

Your $5 Savings Plan

I am a horrible saver, so thank God for automatic transfer into the savings account because it's the only thing that keeps me doing it. I was reading a back issue of Self Magazine last week about personal finance, and they had a really great trick to help you save a little mad money for a rainy day....or a few days somewhere fabulous and not rainy at all at the rate I am going.

So here is how it goes: Every time a $5 bill crosses your wallet you have to save it. Put it in an envelope, stick it in a jar, whatever. Easy as that.

I use cash to pay for most things, so I have saved about $100 in six weeks which is much more than I anticipated. But, I can imagine if you are constantly swiping the plastic it will be slower. It is almost a little fun (am I sick for saying that?!) in that it is totally out of my control what type of change the cashier gives me. Now, when she slips me that fiver it is like it's my destiny to save it.

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