Friday, November 13, 2009

Reporting you live from the Bolt Bus!

I am heading to DC today, and I am reporting to you live from the BoltBus. I would compare it to the Jet Blue of bus services, so exchange Direct TV and unlimited snacks with free WiFi and leather seats. I have taken the Chinatown bus a few times to bounce around between NYC and Philadelphia and Washington DC, but it sucks because 1) You have to go to Chinatown to catch it, 2) The cast of characters is usually pretty amusing (aka werid), and 3) Did I mention you have to catch it in Chinatown? BoltBus is completely different. I booked my ticket online (tons of departure times throughout the day), and showed up at 33rd and 7th Ave 15 minutes before my departure. It is much easier to get to than Chinatown if you are taking the subway, and you can't beat the price: instead of the Bolt price of $40 round trip, Amtrak was over $150.

Bolt Bus has service between NYC and Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. Easy online booking, reserved seating, and convenient pick-up location makes this a no brainer. Extended leg and leather seats make for a comfy ride. And, most importantly----free WiFi. 4 hours has never gone by so fast....We are almost there!

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