Monday, December 21, 2009

Rodarte for Target - SOS

Yep, that's right. Rodarte for Target was unleashed to the public on December 20th, and now it looks like all pieces are sold out online. Lucky for me.....I am in Texas and am going to make a run over to my good old Mesquite Target Super Center where I am assuming I can get my hands on a few goodies. Will keep you posted if anything is available....or if they even ordered stock for this location which is definitely questionable since most residents think the GAP is high fashion. I really want the leopard print dress and the black lace cardi.

Rodarte for Target - View the Collection

*PS - SOS stands for "sold out sucker".


  1. Remember, the Gap mentality could work in your favor! The 'skeeters may think paying $44.99 for a skirt at Target is ridiculous. Just a thought. Curious to know if you score anything. Make sure to update!

  2. Nothing to scream about...unless you can score a black lace cardi.


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