Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Golden Globes: The Good, The Bad, and The Boring

AWARDS SEASON IS HERE! Let us all rejoice in glamour, hair extensions, and donated designer gowns. Here is the fashion shakedown of Golden Globes 2010.

Note: 1) I may love someone as an actor, but that will have no bearing on if they look great in my book or not. 2) I never pick on spouses, girlfriends, or guests because they are just along for the ride. 3) I try to look past the plastic surgery, botox soaked faces, and hair and makeup faux pas to focus on the clothes, shoes, and accessories.

The Good....

Cameron Diaz
Now this is how you do red on the red carpet. Totally digging the umbrella and the little oomph added to the shoulders.

Kate Hudson
Loving this: A touch avant garde with feminine lines.

Julianne Moore
The shoes are great and a very nice contrast to the dress. Completely poised and put together as always.

Emily Blunt
Hair awful, dress amazing. Can we please depart from the Lauren Conrad/Gisele hair? It is so 2006.

Christina Hendricks

The Bad....

Sandra Bullock
American Apparel does evening....see-through purple lame?

Zoe Saldana
I don't even know where to start with this abortion of a dress; Looks like a Project Runway loser. Michael Kors would have a field day with this.

Elizabeth Moss
Unflattering. What else is there to say really? Stick with jewel tones, girl. Powder blue and pale are not a good combo.

Tina Fey
So disappointing. The only thing that can salvage this is amazing jewelry...which has been forgotten. Shoes in any color but beige would have been a huge improvement. Red?

Vanessa Minillo
Miss Teen USA days are over, but at least you aren't as bad as.....

Maria Menounos

The Boring....

Julia Roberts
I love this, but would I could wear this on a date or even to work, but to the Golden Globes?

Man, I didn't know David's Bridal was doling out dresses. Girl, you run around in basically nothing when you sing, play a prostitute in Nine, and you couldn't vamp it up a bit? I think this is taking it to the extreme of modesty. You can't cover up those boobs so why not flaunt them, and your hair is a rat's nest. Fire your stylist immediately.

Sarah Hyland
Points for not looking like a prom nightmare, but minus points for not going more all-out with the accessories. Large, stacked bracelets, statement cocktail ring, anything! This dress is screaming for personality.

Lisa Edelstein
This dress was popular in the early 00's. How many times have we seen the plunging neckline halter dress? Waaaaa Waaaaa.

Amy Pohler
Not bad, just boring.

PS - Lauren Sanchez looks like a tranny. Definitely not a white wedding for this one.

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