Thursday, January 21, 2010

Balthazar on a Budget

Balthazar is my Tiffany's. Nothing bad can ever happen to a person at Balthazar--via Holly Golightly. I had brunch there for the first time last weekend (shocking, I know, since I love bistro food more than a fat French child loves a chocolate croissant), and I experienced some of the best eggs Benedict I have tasted outside of The Wolsely in London (I am convinced it is the English muffins made in England that make the difference).

No cheap affair, I will hardly be enjoying this splurge on a regular basis. But, I have discovered a way to get my French fix and a fraction of the cost. The answer is Balthazar Bakery just next door. I love to stop in on a weekend morning to pick up a croissant and coffee (I am not into coffee but love it from Balthazar, strangely). The pastries and breads from the bakery are pure heaven. The croissants are like lace and you can not go wrong with any of the sweet morning treats or savory sandwiches and soups they offer. When the weather is nice there is a little bench to sit, enjoy, and people watch the euros go to the main restaurant for brunch. Never have I seen so many Hermes belt buckles or chic Europeans at 10am on a Saturday.

BUT, my favorite time is to stop by after work when the bakery goods are on deep discount. Last week I popped in just after 7pm and walked out with two croissants for $2.70 (normally $2.75). It's a great treat after a long day to have a bit of fancy deliciousness accompany le diner.

Bon Appetit mes amis!

Balthazar Restaurant &
Balthazar Bakery
80 Spring Street btwn. Broadway and Crosby

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