Monday, March 29, 2010

Men's Worst Style Mistakes from

Gentleman:  have you been wondering if you have a style deficiency that is curbing your game?  As a lady, I definitely have a short list of 'undateable' characteristics: bad teeth, exceptionally short, lover of junk food, wears socks with holes, etc. Ellen Rakieten and Anne Coyle sat down with GQ to discuss wardrobe and grooming faux pas for their new book, Undateable.  For anyone with at least one stylish bone in their body, these men's style no-no's have been on the "I would never" list for years (though some of my most dashing gay friends have been occasional offenders--er spray tan and highlights).  But, it is really fun--ie gag inducing--to see them reduced down to the top 19 offenses.  Some of them are exceptionally cringe worthy (Ed Hardy and mesh clothing) and some are just common sense (bedazzled denim pockets--ew).  Would someone please clue in the cast of Jersey Shore to this slideshow?....Snooki and JWOWW included. 

As an antidote to Men's Worst Style Mistakes, click here for GQ's 50 Most Stylish Leading Men of the Past Half Century.

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